Do you have Tiered pricing for businesses?

Yes!  We have tiered pricing for large orders and businesses!  Please contact LaserUS to discuss the details!

Can your laser do different colors?

Unfortunately, our fiber optic laser is not able to produce different colors.  We can only produce a black/tan color with our laser.

What substrates can I have engraved?

At LaserUS, our priority was metal etching and engraving.  We can work with ANY metal as the laser was built specifically for hard metals.  

What is the turn around time for an item?

LaserUS tries to keep the turn around time as short as possible so you can have your item in hand as fast as possible while still maintaining all Quality Control and Quality Assurance aspects of your item with you involved.  On average, most items take about 5-7 business days

What are your shipping prices?

We offer shipping on all orders up to $100 at a flat rate of $12.00.  Anything after $100 on all orders come with free shipping!

How does the process work?

You would order your items online.  When filling out the information, be sure to leave your email and phone number.  From there, I will get your order and contact you about specifics.  This is a very customer oriented process.  I want to ensure you get exactly what you want.  From there, I'll get your approval on the layout and design, and then I'll perform the work and ship your items to you.

How do I pay with a West Point HOPE Voucher

To submit a West Point HOPE voucher for the town of West Point, VA residents, please contact me with what you have in mind for your items.  I will work with you to design this.  Once the item is completed, I will let you know and you can pay with your voucher instead of online.  Be sure to contact me through the website, text, or email.