Customization is a very customer oriented service.  Once you contact LaserUS, we will talk about the details through phone calls and text messages.  Pictures will be exchanged to ensure the image to be customized is the size and placed exactly where you want it.  Due to the nature of customization, work will not be performed until after a deposit, or payment in full is made.  The item will not be released until the full payment is made.  As mentioned earlier, this is a very customer oriented service so the customer will be involved in the entire process.  

     Customer satisfaction is our business.  LaserUS want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase.  Once an item is customized, you will received final product pictures.  Due to the nature of customization, we do not accept returns.  That is the reason we keep the customer informed of what's going on during the entire process so we know they will be happy with their product before we even turn on the laser.